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Drop Off Laundry Services

Customer Service Attendant doing laundryThe Clothesline’s drop off laundry service (“wash dry fold”) allows you to drop off your loads of laundry and pick them up clean, folded and bagged (or hung). If they are dropped off by 10 AM, our Customer Service Attendants can usually have them done the same day (except for exceptionally large loads or exceptionally busy seasons). We work to do your laundry the way you like it done, and we can keep your preferences on file for future drop off services.

The basic rate is $1.25 per pound with a minimum of $12 for one load or $15 for two loads. This includes pre-treating, detergent, bleach (if requested), and fabric softener. The following items, however, are priced separately:

Comforters (with filling)
Down or down-alternative        Twin  $22  –  Full/Qn  $27  –  King  $32
All others                                      Twin  $15  –  Full/Qn  $20  –  King  $22

Blankets (no filling)
Fleece/Bedspreads                   Twin  $12  –  Full/Qn/King  $14

Feather Beds
Down                                            Twin  $30  –  Full/Qn  $37  –  King  $42
Polyester                                      Twin  $22  –  Full/Qn  $30  –  King  $35

Sleeping Bags
Regular polyfill                       $22
Down or heavy                       $27
Double bags                           $37

Horse Blankets
Pads                                         $  8
Light blankets                         $14
Heavy blankets                      $18

Down                                       $12
Fiberfill                                     $ 6
Throw pillows                         $ 4

Rugs      $1.35/lb,  $12 minimum

And as always, The Clothesline offers the convenience of paying with Mastercard, Visa or Discover.

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