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The Clothesline features a variety of well-maintained, quality equipment for all your laundry needs, and the large machines can accommodate sleeping bags, horse blankets, down comforters and even most down feather beds!

Large Capacity Washers & DryersWashers:
20 Whirlpool top-load washers (up to 15 lbs)
4 Speed Queen high-extraction,
front load washers (up to 16 lbs)
2 Dexter Express Triple Load high extraction,
front-load washers (18-25 lbs)
6 Dexter Express Maxi Load high extraction,
front-load washers (25-40 lbs)
2 Dexter Mega Load front-load washers (40-55 lbs)
1 Dexter Magnum front load washer (55-75 lbs)



22 ADC Solaris 30 lb dryers
2  ADC Solaris 50 lb dryers
2  ADC Solaris 75 lb dryers

All ADC dryers are made in America and feature axial airflow for care of clothing and heating efficiency with three heat setting options.






This Express washer label means you are using a Dexter high-extraction washer that not only washes your load in less than 30 minutes, but will also reduce your drying time by extracting as much water as possible prior to drying!

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