Apr 17

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January & February Survey Comments

Here is what we heard back from our customers when asked, “On a scale of 1 to 5, how likely are you to recommend the Clothesline to a Friend? Why?” We work hard to make your laundry day a pleasant one – thanks for coming in and sharing your feedback – we learn from it!

5 Good service
5 The Beautiful betty at the counter is sweet.
5 Very clean place, friendly staff.
5 Big baskets.
5 You are all so nice!
5 Like the people and location
5 Great friendly service, good machines
5 Because I love your laundromat better than anyone i’ve ever been too
5 Clean friendly
5 Excellent machines and clean
5 Friendly staff
5 Lots of washers, nice atmosphere
5 Friendly staff and helpful
5 So fresh and so clean
5 Very fast
5 Super helpful staff. Thank you!
5 I love coming here
5 It’s amazing
0 Washers do not spin out very well so it takes more time to dry and dryers don’t dry very hot. Great money maker. Will not return.
5 I love this place. The people are great and the machines work wonders!
5 Happy New Year
5 Very friendly, helpful employees
5 Because it has a convenient location on main street with refreshments nearby.
5 Large washers
5 Cause great service and cheap prices
5 Best in Bozeman!
1 I’m from Livingston. Don’t know too many people in Bozeman
5 Clean. great service
4 They have good customer service
5 Clean, friendly
5 Customer service, nice machines
5 Super friendly
5 Clean, friendly staff, nice washers
5 Nice staff, clean and friendly
5 Friendly help!
5 Good service
5 Clean, wifi, nice
5 Close, affordable, plenty of washers and dryers
5 Great customer service
5 Can i Even win this thing? -Masaki
5 Clean place, friendly people
5 Quiet early mornings
5 Clean friendly, functioning machines
5 Nice service!!
5 The service is great! so helpful! and Quick!
5 Nice staff, clean
5 Best place in town to do laundry
5 Great people, very helpful, always friendly
5 Great service and staff
5 Biggest washer, hot water, best dryers in town
5 They have great customer service
5 Good place to wash
5 Clean and friendly service, good location
5 Great help and nice washers
5 Convenient, good service
5 Super friendly staff! and very very helpful
5 Monica is TERRIFIC in every way
5 Excellent joyful service
5 Clean, great, friendly
5 Friendly staff, great machines
5 Clean, well maintained, and Monica
5 My local laundry in Livingston sucks. So i save up to come here. spend at least $50 a month
5 I love that it is always clean, staff and patrons are very friendly
5 This place is awesome! Best laundromat i’ve been to
5 Great service and machines always work
5 Cleanliness and efficiency
5 it’s great to be clean!
5 Friendly, fast, clean
5 My girlfriend loves this laundromat
5 Friendly help! Great energy! Always clean!
5 Clean, friendly, helpful
5 I just always feel welcomed here! ๐Ÿ™‚
5 The best customer service! Chill atmosphere!! Dependable and clean machines!
5 Great service and machines. Also it’s a very great environment
5 Great location
5 Comfortable because of the staff
5 Service
5 Clean facility, very helpful staff
5 Best place for laundry that is not your own home!
5 Monica is so nice and helpful!! You have an awesome employee! She helped me with my dog bed and she is just fantastic. She is one special employee.
5 Location, great staff, good/fair prices
5 Great service!
5 Great service, clean atmosphere, great machines that get the job done
5 Friendly people, good service
5 Friendly staff, place is always clean. Pricing is right.
5 Clean, helpful, honest, friendly
5 Great place
5 Of the 3 employees that i have met, they were all very nice!
5 Great service ๐Ÿ™‚
4 Nice and clean, but kind of pricey
5 It’s good
5 Clean, wifi, nice
5 Relaxed, calm environment, nice employees, comfy chairs
5 Friendly service, more washing option at an affordable price
5 Great place!! Clean, fast, great service, great machines.
5 The employees are so nice and helped me.
5 I have indeed recommended the Clothesline to many of my comrades! They love the large machines and the knowledgeable staff
5 I would recommend the Clothesline to a friend because everyone is friendly.
5 Service is friendly even when they are really busy. Clean and comfortable.
5 Clean, friendly, helpful
5 Easy-fast
5 Great machines, friendly service
5 It is the best and only laundromat I have ever been to
5 Good prices and nice people
5 Clean, friendly staff
5 Happy Anniversary!
5 Great facility and customer service
5 Great service, clean environment, reasonable prices
5 Everybody is so friendly and nice
5 Because Monica is freakin awesome
5 Price, cleanliness, great staff
5 Nice people
5 Clean, open late, friendly staff
5 Extremely affordable, great service and a welcoming atmosphere
5 Employees
5 Great location
5 Great local, great staff, friendly and kind
5 Awesomness
5 Cleanliness of facility and helpfulness, friendliness of gal at the counter
3 Not really, it is what it is.
5 Great lighting. clean. washers and dryers in good shape
5 Employees are friendly
5 Machines are very clean. Eli is a good guy.
5 Best service in town
5 It’s just better than Livingston
5 Great staff
5 Good prices
5 Nice, helpful
5 Clean- wifi. Nice employees
5 Great service
5 Staff is great. Place is very very clean. Need a small place for kids- Books, sm. toys, etc.
5 Because the people here are helpful and nice. Clean too!
5 Best Place around
5 Good machines, reasonable prices
5 Staff!!
5 I keep wearing clothes!
5 Good machines, clean, full-time staff, safe
5 Friendly staff, plenty of machines.
5 6 Load washers
5 I work at night in the college dorms.
5 Nice parking lot, top loaders, nearby refreshments, reasonable fees
5 Because cleanliness
5 Great service & hershey kisses
5 Woo Hoo free drying
5 Employees are helpful and kind
5 Never been to such an awesome place. Workers are great. Here all the time.
5 Great and friendly ๐Ÿ™‚
5 Clean place, friendly staff
5 Very friendly, very helpful — know your stuff. Very clean
5 Clean, friendly, reliable
5 Clean, friendly service
5 Friendly staff, okay machines in good working order. overall helpful people
5 Monica
5 Great service and comfortable
5 Clean and nice
5 Cleanliness/ prices
5 Clean facility and nice staff. Convenient location
5 Machines clean and always open
5 Because of friendly conversation
5 Helpful service, fast machines, overall good experience
5 Like the stmosphere. friendly staff
5 Monica was so friendly, helpful and wasnt judgemental when i asked a billion questions.
5 Friendly staff, clean place and clean machines
5 Always clean, friendly service, and good prices
5 THANK You for the free dry and soap ๐Ÿ™‚
5 Why not?
5 Great peple, very friendly and helpful
5 Clean, friendly, everything works great. Very Homey!
5 Monica showed us how to use everything.
5 Very friendly, and helpful staff. Generally calm environment
5 Clean, good machines, friendly staff, I feel safe. Flowers! ๐Ÿ™‚
5 Clean, wifi, great staff.
5 I like
5 Friendly and clean environment
5 Nice place
5 Clean, internet
5 Everyone here is so nice ๐Ÿ™‚
5 Clean facility, knowledgeable staff. Place is dope.
4 It’s clean and smells good. The staff is super friendly
5 Cheap, good service, never too busy
5 Great staff and owners ๐Ÿ˜‰
5 You rock, its clean, great machines
3 The dryers take a little while but very clean place
5 Very friendly service. Happy Birthday!
5 The cleaness of laundromat, prices, and people
5 Riana was super helpful and awesome, wonderful
5 So clean and good working machines and friendly service
5 Best laundry place in Bozo ๐Ÿ™‚
5 Friendly staff! Clean environment. Good machines
5 Bobcat support. Great equipment
5 Like the price of washers and dryers. The people are friendly.
5 Great service
5 Cuz I got lots of friends
5 It’s clean! The equipment is newer and kept clean and dryer doesnt make clothes stink! And staff are friendly!!
5 Best customer service ever!!!
5 Friendly staff, clean facility

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