We work hard to make your laundry experience a great one; we aren't happy if you aren't.

However, we cannot control everything about your laundry experience (and we'd be VERY annoying if we tried!). So we've come to the following conclusions about risks and responsibilities and our liability for things that go wrong.

  1. You use the equipment at your own risk. We cannot ensure that every time someone uses a machine, they don't leave behind chapstick, gum or something from their own load of laundry, etc. You must inspect the inside of each machine before you load your clothes! And we aren't monitoring if you used an appropriate temperature for the colors of your clothes, if you are adding bleach unwisely, if your clothes have hardware which may damage other items in the load, or if the sleeve of that lovely shirt gets caught in the door when you close the machine. Please feel free to ask the Customer Service Attendant for assistance - that's why we are here.
  2. You assume the risk of how well your items will survive machine washing. Everyone has their own standard of how to care for things - some people hand-wash quilts, for example, and others wash them in machines. There are many fabrics and garments in today's fashions that are flimsy or have un-sewn edges that may not withstand machine washing. And some of us are willing to risk machine-washing items with tags that say "Dry Clean Only". It's a free country! But that's why we can't be responsible for whatever level of risk you may be willing to take with your clothes. Please ask the attendant for advice if you are uncertain; we are happy to share the wisdom of our experience (we do a lot of laundry).
  3. If we did not do your laundry for you, we are not responsible for lost items. We do not object if you walk away from your machines to go have a coffee break, and we don't inspect each emptied washer to check for missed socks (they stick to the top, you know). And we may not notice that you forgot to empty one washer or dryer. However, we do keep a Lost & Found rack (items are kept for 30 days then disposed of) - and we even go to the trouble of moving full loads or more valuable items to the attendant storage area to minimize pilfering. But in the end, you are responsible for the loss of anything you may leave behind or which may "disappear".

We do accept responsibility when it's our fault, however.

  1. If our equipment ignites and burns all your clothes to smitherines, we will replace them. (No, we've never had a machine catch fire.) However, we are not responsible if items are damaged by a dryer with a heat setting selected by the customer that is inappropriate for the fabric.
  2. If we are doing a customer's laundry as a drop off service and the attendant makes a mistake like the examples noted above, we will work to "fix" the problem and may even replace the item(s) damaged or pay a pro-rated cost of their replacement, based on their level of wear.
  3. If the customer instructs the attendant to wash something that does not wash well, or to wash/dry something(s) in a way that causes poor outcome, is not responsible for that outcome if we followed the customer's instructions.
  4. If we feel we cannot safely wash an item, we may refuse to wash it and set it aside for return to the customer unwashed.
  5. Our liability for items damaged by is limited to the replacement cost of the item(s), prorated for previously incurred wear.
  6. We are not responsible for drop off laundry which has not been picked up within 30 days of completion.