If you are coming to The Clothesline to do your own laundry, here are some helpful facts.

The Clothesline is exceptionally bright and clean with free Wi-Fi to make your laundry day a pleasant one. It's filled with modern equipment from home-style top loader to industrial sized washers and dryers. We are open 7 AM - 10 PM daily except for certain holidays. We accept all major credit cards for your convenience.

  • The Customer Service Attendant on duty can assist with carrying heavy loads in and out.
  • Various laundry products are available for purchase for $1.00 per load including scent-free, eco-friendly, dryer sheets and additives.
  • Our friendly attendant is glad to assist you in determining the best machine(s) for your load(s) and temperature settings, and can offer other recommendations for satisfactory laundry results.
  • When drying clothes, you are encouraged to always empty the lint tray before starting your dryer(s) for maximum dryer performance.
  • Tennis balls are available "on loan" for drying down-filled items; just ask the attendant.

You use the equipment at your own risk, so please inspect your machines before use! ALWAYS!

Our attendant is glad to clean out a machine for you, but you alone are responsible for any damage your items may incur from such previous customer use. (We encourage you to go to the Risks & Liability page for our full statement.)