Aug 17

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The Best Laundry Detergents Are…

Our customers ask us all the time what laundry detergents work the best, so when I came across this article, I thought I should share. Good Housekeeping reviewed 74 products (49 liquids and 19 powders) to see how effective they were against 20 common stains.

For me, the surprise is that the best ones were powders! It’s no surprise to me that Ultra Tide Plus Bleach scored the highest for both powders and liquids, and that Ultra Tide Coldwater was the best in cold water (even out-performing many other products in hot water). Whenever something happens to limit The Clothesline to cold water, we purchase Ultra Tide Coldwater to give our customers until hot water is again available. But there are some other interesting plant-based options that are very effective as well.

They also reviewed the detergent “pods” with some effective recommendations. Please remember, however, that children often think these “pods” are candy – and ingestion is likely to be fatal!

For the full report, check out Good Housekeeping’s full article. Now we know!!

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