Jan 25

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Laundry Tips: Throw Rugs, Mildew, and Glue Removal

The Clothesline subscribes to several laundry industry online newsletters, and one of our favorites, Planet Laundry, includes a regular feature, “Wash With Wally”.  We get some great tips there, and I’m going to work to pass them on to our customers.

You can follow the links below to get more details on some I came across recently which may be of value to you:

How to wash throw rugs:  in cold water, liquid detergent, low heat or no heat, and air drying.

How to remove mildew from towels: catch it early (while still greenish, not gray or black), soak in 1% bleach solution with hot water, and rewash. Repeat as many times as needed.

How to remove glue from fabrics: your solvent will depend on the type of glue (rubber-based, viny.-based, or acrylic-based) which can be difficult to determine. Begin with nail polish remover; then try rubbing alcohol; then try mineral oil. There is also a commercial laundry solvent called Laundry Wetspo, which will remove most adhesives


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